Children of the Knight II Is Almost Here!

Running Through a Dark Place600x900

Running Through A Dark Place” (Children of the Knight II) releases in May and continues the saga of King Arthur in the 21st Century and his ever-growing army of disgruntled youth who are tired of having no rights in this society. As their crusade moves forward, they fight against the foolish and criminal mentality in California who want kids treated as adults when they do something wrong, but not when they do something right. It’s an epic struggle that fans out in later books to encompass the entire country. This is Book II of V, and all of them will be released this year. If you haven’t read Children of the Knight yet, jump on board now for an expansive and emotional roller coaster ride you won’t likely forget. Check out the amazing cover art by Reese Dante for book II, and the back cover blurb image created by Beckey White. And Beckey even made a killer movie trailer for the book. Onward and upward. The Knight Cycle continues…



Here’s the link for the Book Trailer. Check it out:


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