Check out my guest post on best-selling author Mia Kerick’s blog about how bullying has become institutionalized in America. You might find it enlightening or it might make you angry. Truth can do both.

Mia Kerick

(Walking down the hall in the direction of the guest room, holding a tray filled with “healthy” stuff)

“Hello, to my wonderful followers, and anyone else who may have wandered in here off the street… Michael Bowler is in my guest room this morning. He arrived late last night because he was volunteering his time at the local juvenile hall. (I know, what a guy!! Kinda in awe, myself!!) Michael mentioned to me last night while he was drinking his Guava juice at the kitchen table, that he is very opposed to the one-size-must-fit-all mentality that society has in regard to children. He feels it is the bullying of children by adults in their lives. I agree with him fully.”


(Stops in the hall beside the guest room door)

“Michael is my new friend. And I’ll put it this way: I fell head over heels into friendship with him!!”

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